We’ve seen DJs jumping on the tables. We’ve seen them in ridiculous costumes. We’ve seen outrage at the actual inclusion of DJ Colonel Sanders on the Ultra Festival Miami lineup. The question sort of hangs in the air: Is someone having a laugh? Let’s check out a few reasons that the music industry seems to be getting more and more whack for DJs.


The pressure of fame can be tough. A number of high-profile DJs go into the game with their privacy in mind. In wearing masks, artists like Marshmello manage to retain some of their privacy while also operating at the highest level. While Deadmau5 might have begun wearing the mouse head for the same reason, his ubiquity at festivals and in his (often useful) Twitch streams have sort of destroyed any remnants of privacy. Price you pay for the life you choose. 

The paycheck

We all understand the fact that anyone will do almost anything for the amount that big name DJs get paid. The latest list circulating suggests that the top names are earning up to $50 million per year in performance fees and endorsements. It’s a short leap in logic to understand why DJs are compelled to behave more and more like 80s glam rock stars rehearsing for their 2020 heritage tour. 


There’s an oversupply of talent and an undersupply of spots. Even if you know how to DJ really well, how do you stand out? Not by hanging around behind a desk. In a way, the theatrics behind big DJ events in recent years are keeping the format alive for new generations of less impressed people. Younger audiences have seen it all before, and attention spans are shrinking. So maybe it takes even more than a string of incredible online productions and n-dimensional lighting rig to be a hit dealmaker in 2019. 

Trends have the ability to influence people in the short run. But as a DJ or a producer, your game should be longer than just what’s happening right now. There’s no shortage of unscrupulous operators waiting to capitalize of those desperate for attention in the music industry. Whatever you learn, make it last. Whatever you make, make it good. Get better today by checking out what courses are offered by DJCoursesOnline

John Bartmann is a music producer and DJ.