So much new music, but so little of it worth checking out! If only there was a way for career DJs to get a handle on what’s currently on the radar. Enter the mighty podcast. Check out a careful selection of new tracks, research current trends and find out what the DJ tribe is up to. Following on from last week’s piece, here are three more of the best podcast mix shows. 

Keeping The Rave Alive

  • Hosted by: DJ Kutski

  • How often: Weekly

  • Format: Radio show

It’s been nearly 8 years since the first release of KTRA. The lovable DJ Kutski has been plugging away at showcasing the harder styles of dance music every week for a dedicated audience. It’s quite possible that hardstyle, jumpstyle, hardcore, happy hardcore and other fringe electronic music styles wouldn’t be as prevalent today if it weren’t for the influence of this British powerhouse. Radio show format with occasional speaking and some pretty funny DJ name dropping. 

Deep House Amsterdam

  • Hosted by: Deep House Amsterdam Magazine

  • How often: Weekly

  • Format: Guest DJ mix

Like most other DJ podcasts, Deep House Amsterdam began as an online magazine. Their approach includes mostly new and underground dance music weekly. DHA hosts a single mix by a selected DJ. A great source for those cuts that only exist deep in the underground!

Find, Share, Rewind

  • Host: DJ Shadow

  • How often: First Saturday of every month

  • Format: Radio show

The name DJ Shadow is synonymous with electronic music and Find, Share, Rewind is where you get his selection. It’s a carefully curated take on a limitless range of music, not just dance music. Given that his mix is also part of the terrestrial public radio station KCRW, we’re only treated to it once a month. The single most unique aspect of this show? It plays stuff from previous decades. A good place to find some of  the more obscure music. 

Having platforms through which you can expose yourself to new music is the way forward for any career DJ. When you’ve made your selection of new tracks, brush up on your skills in the DJ Courses Online programs and learn to DJ better

John Bartmann is a music producer and DJ