Traktor is one of the most popular DJ programs around. All working DJs have at least some knowledge of the engine’s strengths and features. But it’s not the only one. If you’re new to it, check out the online Traktor course here on DJ Courses Online. Otherwise, let’s put aside the industry standard take a look at the features of some alternative DJ programs.

Atomix VirtualDJ Pro


Despite the audacious claim that VirtualDJ Pro is used by ‘tens of millions of people every day’, the fact is that the program does at the very least rival Traktor in popularity. It’s awesome. Recent developments include a ground-up rebuild of the audio engine and a recent swing towards on-screen visuals. If you’re a social type, you can broadcast your mix directly to social media. ReWire compatibility means that it plays with other programs like Ableton and Reason. Virtual DJ Pro is able to run a massive 99 virtual decks, should a standard crossfade not be good enough for you. It’s a little pricey at $299 in comparison to Traktor’s $99, which is frequently discounted. Atomix, however, have offered a rental option at $19 per month, and free versions are available with the purchase of certain partner controllers. Check out the unusual, animated TED-talk-styled ‘What Is Virtual DJ?’ video.

algoriddim djayPRO

Algoriddim was an early adopter on the mobile DJ front. If you’re the frequent target of requests at your events, djayPRO is one of the best tools on both iOS and Android. The winning feature? Ability to load tracks directly from Spotify, iTunes and Windows Explorer. djayPRO is aimed at DJs who value time spent playing music over time spent compiling playlists and being custodians of their own personal collections. Using their Automix AI tool, you can receive intelligent suggestions and easily compile playlists of suggested tracks. Other features include 4-deck mixing, turntable and waveform views, a sampler, effects, onboard support for 50 MIDI controllers and Pioneer device integration (both CDJ and XDJ). If you’re using the streaming function, you’ll obviously need a wifi connection. The pro version comes in at $50 and has a busy support forum with all the power of Microsoft behind it. Android and iOS apps available. Oh, and that burning need you had to DJ from your wristwatch? Sorted.


PCDJ Dex is a sort of all-in-one solution for a mobile DJ, VJ and karaoke event organizer. Wait! Come back! Seriously though, Dex 3 comes in at the top of some lists for its sheer power as a party-starter. It includes the standard mixer, effects and EQs that you’d expect, but also integrates video mixing and support for karaoke files, making it a pretty flexible option for those who travel with their gear. Features include four virtual decks, beat sync and key-match, auto sync, a sample player and looper tool. Native MIDI and digital vinyl compatibility is available for a range of devices. On the visual side, you can expect on-screen text, image and video overlay features and plenty more. Check out the full list of features here. At a currently discounted rate of $119.20, Dex 3 is a flexible alternative for all-in-one event organizers. Download the trial version of Dex 3 from PCDJ.

Yeah, it’s Traktor’s world. We’re just living in it. Native Instruments’ flagship DJ software has long been the upgrade point for many a DJ looking to make a career of their DJing hobby. But things sure change quickly in the world of technology. It’s worth familiarizing yourself with a few alternatives, even if it’s only to talk shop with your gearhead amigos. Check out the other program-specific DJ courses offered by DJ Courses Online.