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How to DJ: Masterclass

When you want to become good at your craft it’s important to have the fundamentals on lock. A solid foundation is your best starting point. This course will cover everything you need to know to become a good DJ. You'll learn how to count music, how to beat match by ear and we’ll even cover basic scratch techniques. Your instructor, DJ TLM, is a DJ/Turntablist and producer with 25 years of DJ experience.

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Advanced DJ Techniques

Take a deeper look at more advanced techniques. This is an ongoing series of advanced DJ techniques and tips covering a wide variety of topics from mixing to scratching to branding. Your instructor, DJ TLM, is a DJ/Turntablist and producer with 25 years of DJ experience. The skills covered in this series will take your DJ career to the next level.

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DJ Career Tips

Once you’re ready, you need to put yourself out there in order to make a living as a DJ. The more you market yourself, the more opportunities you'll get to perform - and this experience is invaluable. Taking the time to understand the business and marketing aspects of being a DJ will enable you to open many doors. In this series, we'll do just that.

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DJing Basics

Before you start getting your hands dirty with the turntable, you need to have the right equipment. In this preliminary course to DJing, you’ll learn about basic DJ setup and the different equipment required for your turntable and software of choice.

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DJ Techniques I

With your rig assembled, you can now start practicing the tricks of a pro DJ. Learn the basic techniques, like keeping track of your beats, switching tracks on the fly and beatmatching your tracks.

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DJ Techniques II

Feeling comfortable at the turntable? This DJ course introduces intermediate and advanced techniques. Spice up your skill set with tricks like midi mapping, setting up cue points for your tracks and looping.

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DJ Techniques III

With the basic DJ courses down, time to add some personality to your mix. These intermediate and advanced skills will help you bring your set to life, both at the turntable and in the studio. Practice new mix techniques while also learning to apply audio effects, use samples and even create your own original mixes!

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Serato DJ

This course dives into the Serato DJ software application and details all of its custom features, along with techniques specifically for Serato DJ. Learn how to command each setting in Serato DJ, manage individual tracks and tune your mixes to your own perfect frequency.

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Ableton Live

Unlike the other DJ courses, the Ableton Live course teaches the strengths of the program both as a DJ performance application and a full-fledged music production suite. Find out how to use Ableton Live to its fullest and add fresh original mixes to your DJ set.

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Traktor has a large suite of options for customizing your DJ preferences. This course streamlines the process, highlighting the most important features. This course also details the functionalities and settings of the Traktor S4 controller, Traktor’s specialized DJ controller.

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Mixed in Key

The Mixed-in-Key course is one of the most important software-specific DJ courses, as the program keeps track of all of the stats of your set, including key signatures, harmonics and beats per minute. Learn to use the software to its fullest and easily manage every aspect of your mix. No musical experience required.

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DJing with Ableton Live

Master the fundamentals of DJing with Ableton Live. This course walks you through all of the settings and features you need to know about to take advantage of Ableton Live as a DJ. You'll learn how to use this powerful software for mixing tracks, adding effects on the fly, and much more.

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