Learn How to DJ with Professional Software

Move from a fresh newcomer to an in-demand DJ master.

Our video DJ lessons will give you an in-depth education in the popular craft of DJing. Learn how to DJ and develop the necessary skills you need to push your DJ dream forward.

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  • Learn the ins and outs of DJing, including turntable setup, performance techniques, preparing live sets, and even creating your own custom music

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We collaborate with the best music instructors and DJ professionals to offer focused, effective lessons for DJ students. By teaching hundreds of beginner, intermediate and advanced DJ students, our courses have been tested and proven to make them the best way to learn the art of the DJ.

  • From learning to DJ for beginners to running your own live show, our specialized courses get right down to the techniques and concepts you want to learn

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Command the software that’s shaping the music industry.

Our DJ lessons only focus on the software that is leading the industry. Explore the programs without breaking a sweat, so you can utilize the same production and performance tools as the DJ pros. Learn how to DJ using the key features, settings, and options of:

  • Traktor Pro

  • Serato DJ & Scratch Live

  • Ableton Live

  • Mixed in Key

Learn and train like a pro, no experience necessary.

Our DJ courses are designed for students of all skill levels. Whether you’re a newcomer who’s never seen a turntable before or an established veteran looking to refine their scratching skills, we provide lessons that fit your specific experience level. Customize your training and build upon the skills that you want to improve.

  • Stay on course with the practices and concepts that are essential to your skill level

  • Newcomers can learn how to DJ using concise and simple sessions, while seasoned experts can learn new techniques to enhance their shows

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Our high-definition (HD) quality DJ lessons can be watched as streaming video on multiple devices. Use your computer browser, tablet or smartphone and practice from home or on-the-go.

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Unlike most other online schools, our lessons can be accessed online anytime, so there’s no need to commit to a restrictive schedule. No packed classroom. No tight hours. Watch our videos and learn the lessons at your own pace. It’s your education to command.

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DJ Courses Online are determined to offer focused and accessible courses to both fresh and seasoned DJs. Join today to learn how to DJ, build your DJ skills, and work your way to turntable mastery.