I recently read an article in Psychology Today called “8 Mistakes That Hold You Back From The Life You Want.”Even though it was written in a broad, generic sense to apply to any reader, it really struck me how most of the items were incredibly relevant to those learning how to DJ. I’d like to share a few of these obstacles from the article and the lessons I took away because I think it could provide that extra little push of inspiration some of the new DJs out there are looking for.

Thinking you need to be “ready” or perfect or the best

This is so pervasive in the DJ world. I can’t tell you how many people I’ve talked to who don’t take those first steps to becoming a real professional DJ because they’re worried that they’re not good enough. The DJ world is full of countless people who just play in their basements and bedrooms but don’t reach out for gigs, or who won’t even perform for other people, because they’re worried that they’re not ready.

They compare themselves to their DJ idols and criticize themselves for coming up short. News flash: of course you come up short! These people have dedicated years to their craft. But guess what? They started off on the ground floor, just like you. They had to work hard and sacrifice and claw their way towards the top. There’s no shame in not being as good as you want, because everyone has to start at the bottom. The only shame is not starting today and giving yourself the opportunity to improve. And that’s the best part: by starting today, you WILL improve!

Worrying about money

This one is huge. How many times have you heard someone say “I love DJing but I’ve got bills to pay!” Or how many of us have parents who say “You should go to law school and get a good job!” Money is quite possibly the biggest barrier that prevents us from doing the things we’re truly passionate about.

Ten years from now, a lot of your friends are going to have good jobs, nice homes, and happy families…and feel totally unfulfilled. Just last night I was speaking to a friend with a good corporate job who wishes that he would have become a carpenter because he loves working with his hands. He realizes now that while everyone used to tell him that he would make more money by getting a suit-and-tie job, today he would gladly trade in the higher paycheck to be able to do what he truly loves.

So for all of you aspiring DJs out there, take my advice: allow yourself to do the work that you truly love.

Thinking you’ll have to do it all yourself

Many beginning DJs look at the path towards success and get intimated. It looks like such a long and difficult journey. Plus, since DJing hasn’t been around for very long, at least not as long as other instruments like the guitar or piano, we still have the voices of the original pioneers who invented the art. We hear stories about how difficult the early days were when these guys were creating a brand new art form, and it wasn’t that long ago.

The fact of the matter is it’s never been easier to learn how to DJ. Whereas our DJ heroes had to teach themselves and stumble blindly in the dark, today we have some amazing tools at our disposal that can help speed up the learning curve. Check out DJcoursesonline.com. It’s an online DJ school where you can get world class instruction over the internet. It’s education, inspiration, guidance, and accountability all wrapped into one. For anyone who is nervous about starting the DJ journey alone, this is the easiest way to plug into a team that wants to help you succeed.

These were just three things that jumped out at me from the article, but the other five are great too, and I think they might offer some great advice for all of the aspiring DJs out there. In any case, I hope I’ve been able to share some inspiration with you, and I hope this article has encouraged you to do at least one thing today to bring you closer to fulfilling your DJ dreams.