I’m reading a book right now called Turning Pro by Steven Pressfield. I’m not done with it yet but I already highly recommend it. It’s fantastic, and there are countless gems in here that apply perfectly to musicians.

The premise is pretty simple: people fall into two categories, amateurs and pros.

Most of us are amateurs. We have our jobs or careers or ambitions or whatever it may be, but we’re not 100% committed to it. We get distracted. We question ourselves. We take days off. We don’t push through to the very end.

Pros on the other hand take their craft seriously. Whether you’re a nurse or a student or a writer or a marketer or anything else, a pro doesn’t mess around. They are disciplined. They are determined. Just like a professional athlete or a professional soldier that realizes they’re playing for all the marbles, a pro treats their work and their life with the same level of gravity.

Pressfield talks about how it’s not easy to become a pro, but it’s free and anyone can do it. Anyone with the vision and the will can cross over from being an amateur to being a pro, and he says it will be the best decision of your life. You’ll never look back.

One of the best things someone can do to turn pro is simply surround yourself with other pros. Pressfield talks about how amateurs will subconsciously try to bring a pro down. They’ll try to distract them. They’ll try to get them to ignore their work and goof off.

Other pros though understand the importance of doing the work. Being around people who take their craft seriously will enable and inspire you to do the same. Watching people elevate their games and succeed will motivate you to do what it takes to follow suit.

This same principle works for DJs. There are so many Djs that dabble with music. It’s a side project. It’s a hobby. It’s a way to unwind. And these are totally are totally fine reasons to DJ.

If you want to take your DJ game to the next level though, you need to be around pros. You need to be around people who aren’t messing around but are committed to learning, improving, and crushing it.

Now as you read this you might be realizing the painful truth: there aren’t many pros out there. At least they’re massively outweighed by the amateurs. There is one great place to find a whole community of pros though, and that’s djcoursesonline.com. It’s fast and easy and you’ll have pros right on your computer screen teaching you how to become a DJ and take your game to the next level.