Wondering how DJ school can transform your life? Here’s a story that I’m sure many of you can relate to:

I graduated from college with a degree in International Relations. In Spokane, Washington. At the height of the economic crisis. So there I am with an IR degree in a city with no international business in an economy where no one was hiring.

So, of course I did the logical thing and went to grad school. I figured I’d wait out the recession and graduate into a better economy with an MBA and therefore greater earning power.

It wasn’t until after I earned this second degree that I stumbled across this fantastic article by Seth Godin. To summarize, he pretty much says that rather than going into more debt to get a degree you don’t really want in hopes of simply making more money, why not invest in yourself by learning skills that you’re truly passionate about? He gives a list of things you could accomplish in a year in lieu of law school, and I challenge anyone to look at that list and not daydream about how awesome their life would be if they could say they’d crossed similar things off of their own bucket list.

The underlying philosophy is really inspiring. I think we all have a hypothetical “best self,” meaning if we were to live to our fullest potential, and we could make all of our wildest aspirations come to life, what would that person look like? The idea that we might have the power to do exactly that, and that we don’t need a university to give us permission to do so, is very empowering.

The great thing about this do-it-yourself approach to learning skills and building qualifications is that it’s never been easier to get good at the things you’re truly passionate about. Today you can go to TeamTreehouse.comand get a better coding and web design education for less money than you could at a four year college. You can sign up at Mixergy.com and learn real world business skills from today’s best entrepreneurs for a fraction of the cost of going to business school. And you can go to Udemy.com or Khan Academy and learn just about any subject you want from the comfort of your own home.

And now for the first time, if you want to learn how to become a DJ, there’s DJcoursesonline.com.

It used to be that people would watch their favorite DJs on stage entertaining and mesmerizing their audiences, and they’d say “Wow, I want to learn how to do that.” They’d rush out and buy some equipment, play around with it for a while, but just as quickly they’d get frustrated or lose interest and then move onto the next thing. This is how it goes with all musical instruments; just think about how many of your friends have a dusty guitar sitting in the corner.

With DJcoursesonline.com though, you can learn from expert DJs from day one, not to mention in the comfort of your own home, and at extremely affordable prices. So, if like me and like countless other young people across the country, you’re trying to figure out what to do with your future, why not invest in yourself and make your wildest aspirations come to life? If you dream of bringing crowds to their feet as a DJ, don’t settle and get a degree you don’t need, set yourself up for success, get expert training online, and make your dreams come true!