You might not be aware of it, but there is a revolution happening today in the American education system. You see, there is a huge problem in the way we approach education in our country. Most people divide their lives into two sections: learning and working. For the first 20 years or so of our lives we dedicate ourselves to learning things, then once we graduate from high school or college we close the school chapter of our lives and then look for a job. This now begins the work segment of our lives and we no longer think about education.

There are two huge problems with this approach to education. First of all, and most obviously, we’re never done learning. Secondly, it completely detaches people from the information that they’re learning. When people accept that their education is in the hands of their local school district or their university, they surrender ownership over what they’re learning. They accept that someone else decides what is important to study without ever really engaging on a personal level and saying “I would be fascinated to explore XYZ subject.”

The implications of these two problems are pretty horrifying when you think about it; there are a ton of people in this country who look at education as one short chapter in their lives and they don’t even play much of a personal role in the process. (Please tell me if you think I’m wrong…I hope I am!)

The great news is this is changing right in front of our eyes. The internet is literally putting all of mankind’s knowledge right at the tip of your fingers. For people who are passionate and curious, you can literally study anything that captures your imagination.

More importantly, our economy is going through monumental changes. It’s no longer a surefire bet to go to college, get a degree, land a secure job with a big company, and live out the American dream.

Young people are starting to learn that instead of following these socially accepted patterns, we have to start forging our own paths instead. We have to invest in ourselves and create our own track to success, and part of that is becoming lifelong learners. We must now be people who pick a craft and spend our lives practicing and honing our skills, not just the four years it took to get a degree.

For some people this might be an intimidating prospect, but for people out there with imagination, a spirit of independence and strong drive, and a sense of adventure, it’s fantastic news.

An awesome example of new possibilities springing up is Ten years ago you would have never thought about going to school to learn how to become a DJ, but now in this new information age you can do just that. lets you learn from experts right from your computer, giving you the tools to create your own path to success and happiness in life. So invest in yourself, study something you’re passionate about, and blaze your own trail to becoming a DJ today.