There are some mad people in the world. Risk takers, who care very little about how awesome they look on stage and way more about delivering their passion to an audience. For them, it’s about scratching that itch, not just popularity. These are the ones that attract the audiences that last over their career. These are the ones to follow, regardless of what’s in vogue at the time. Here are a few other ways to build your own name as a career DJ.

Be completely unique

There’s no rule that says you need to wear certain clothing or have certain accessories in order to be taken seriously. There’s no rule that says you can’t jam instruments along with your track, or tilt your tables outward so the audience can see what you’re doing. Or get a lighting foot controller to have control over your light show while you spin. Of course, avoid looking like an idiot. But make sure that you’re keeping the hype in check and the passion for music at the center at all times. 

Brand yourself

Want bigger numbers? Brand yourself. Yeah, you hear that all the time, don’t you? For career DJs (and all  entrepreneurs), branding is about controlling the perceptions that others have of you. Branding yourself as a killer DJ is more than having a Facebook page and a logo. Branding is most powerful in your behaviour at public events. Are you the outgoing, positive type or would you rather hang back in the shadows and let the people come to you? Does your set include the hot new stuff of the niche trendy stuff? Are you posing for photos or not? All of these decisions bleed into your overall image as a person first and a DJ second. Think about it, then act. 

Free stuff

Everyone loves free stuff. In fact, it’s how you get people’s attention to begin with. As a DJ, your primary freebie is a mix. If you’re not regularly creating and uploading mixes to your audience via your preferred channels, start doing so immediately. Curating and distributing the music is the difference between a professional and someone who has a set of decks in their bedroom. Make the music happen. Inform your friends what type of music you’re into by making mixes and mixtapes for them. First prize? Your own music. 

Giveaways, branding, uniqueness. These tools will all help you stand out and convince the public that you’re serious about your profession. But first, you have to convince yourself. If you’re still feeling uneasy about your ability to get the job done, you need to raise your overall skill level first. Sign up for a DJ course with DJ Courses Online today and get your career on track!

John Bartmann is a music producer and DJ.