Beginner DJs have a new way to get into the game. Just in time for the summer fun, Traktor has released a new tablet-focused app aimed at beginner users. Traktor DJ 2 is positioned to become the leaping off point for future developments by Native Instruments. From here forwards, it’s a brave new tablet-focused world with whole bunch of features that make playing your favorite songs easy, fun and mobile. Already got the gear? Get the DJing skills by signing up for a course today.



The software is heavily focused on recruiting beginner DJs. The free app is currently available for iPad, macOS and Windows. The software can be used in either standalone or hardware-integrated mode. This allows you to DJ from either directly from your iPad/Macbook or by plugging in hardware controller devices like the Audio2, Kontrol Z1 or Kontrol S2 MK3. There are currently no MIDI mapping features, but it’s likely that the software will become more customizable as updates are rolled out.

Soundcloud integration

Good news for independent producers is that Soundcloud Go+ Streaming is integrated into the software! For the first time ever, Traktor has released streaming integration, allowing users access to an endless track selection for the price of a Soundcloud Go+ subscription ($9.99 / month). And while we’re on the topic, remember that the best new music is the stuff being made by independent producers, not necessarily the stuff at the top of the popular playlists yet. Make your name by being a pioneer.

Other exclusive features

Besides Soundcloud integration, a few features are available on the new software that aren’t even available in Traktor Pro 3. This move by Native Instruments seems to be paving the way for more cross-platform movement from their existing users, who will doubtless want to get their hands on the new stuff. Among these features exclusive to Traktor DJ 2 are:

Interface display improvements: Vector Waveform Mode will display waveforms at a good quality regardless of the screen resolution. Retina Support allows the high-density display to scale, retaining visual quality at any resolution.

Track Recommendations: the original Traktor DJ featured track recommendations, but this useful feature was never copied to the desktop app. But it’s back! Users of TDJ2 can once again find similar sounding tracks quickly and expand on their own sound.

Download the free app today from Native Instruments.

Read more about Traktor DJ 2 on the official NI product page.

Making waves as a DJ comes down to one simple question: are you listening to your audience? If the answer is yes, you’ll be asked to ‘handle the music’ at house parties and enjoy the added bonuses that come with having good taste. If you’re still getting there, you’re in luck! Level up your knowledge with a DJ Courses Online membership today.

John Bartmann is a music producer and DJ.