DJing Basics

Before hitting the stage, you’ll need a firm grasp of the basics of DJing. Many of our beginner DJs use this course as a starting point for determining what software and equipment is most suitable for their objectives and needs. Even though some intermediate and advanced DJs elect to skip this DJ course and move on to the other courses, DJs of all levels will benefit from the tips provided in this series of lessons. Key topics include:

  • Benefits and drawbacks for each of the three most common setups in DJing: (1) vinyl turntables; (2) CDJs; and (3) digital controllers
  • Benefits and drawbacks of the two most common software applications in DJing: (1) Serato Scratch Live; and (2) Traktor
  • Most commonly used cables in DJing, as well as how each type of cable is most frequently used and the importance of adapters
  • Tips on setting up your performance or practice space and how to keep it organized

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